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Into the Eurasian dairy

     Yunnan Eurasian dairy co., LTD£¬Located in Dali in yunnan province economic and technological development zone high-tech industrial development zone£¬2003Completed and put into operation£¬Is a collection of dairy¡¢Fresh milk purchase¡¢Dairy products research and development¡¢Production and sales for the integration of modern dairy processing enterprises¡£

     At present£¬There are three production and operation of the dairy plant£¬More capacity than dairy in design30Ten thousand tons£¬Has now passedISO9001¡¢ISO22000¡¢HACCP¡¢GMPSuch as system certification£¬Independent research and development¡°Europe and Asia¡±Series of dairy products......

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Corporate responsibility

Introduce the system of international dairy Dali£¬Let the national dairy industry in the world¡£
Dedicated high-quality dairy products£¬Innovation quality life£¬Create a healthy life¡£

Described in detail

Star brand display

In the spirit of originality£¬Shape of green marble unique national characteristics¡¢Organic dairy products£¡

High quality

High quality£ºHighland pasture£¬Honour enjoy quality¡£¡°High quality¡±Pure milk positioning in the high-end market£¬Is one of the leading brands in Europe and Asia¡£

Dali pasture

Dali pasture£ºIn Dali landscape pasture the flavour of memories¡£¡°Dali pasture¡±Series is the Eurasian low-temperature fermented milk flagship brand in the class£¬Divided into the plain¡¢Blueberries¡¢Flowers such as a variety of tastes£¬2018Another new launched blueberry in years¡¢Yellow peach¡¢Strawberry flavor, etc¡£


Changhao£ºAs for unlimited£¬The body better£¡Chang is a Eurasian to caress the intestinal health and adjust the microbial organism balance for the purpose£¬And introduced a new type of lactic acid bacteria and drinks¡£


YiQBaby£ºGood for your health£¬More profitable growth¡£¡°YiQBaby¡±Belongs to the children's beverage series£¬Divided into two kinds of packaging, paragraphs ordinary and pacifier¡£


YiUBaby£ºA balanced diet£¬The escort for the healthy growth of children¡£¡°YiUBaby¡±Eurasia is specifically designed for children to make high-quality goods of milk¡£

Jujube bordeaux

¡°Jujube bordeaux¡±The Eurasian modulation the star brand milk series£¬Because of its good£¬Delicate taste£¬Once launched into a hot style¡£

Dali amorous feelings

Dali amorous feelings£ºTo admire the moon£¬Dali amorous feelings£¬¡°Dali amorous feelings¡±Locate interesting market£¬Is in Europe and Asia¡°Dali pasture¡±After a successful brand to launch a new brand¡£


YiU+£ºBuild a healthy green dairy products¡£YiU+Series is Europe and Asia, in recent years, the star of the listed products£¬Of flavors£¬Nutrition and health£¬Cover the milk fermented yogurt and modulation two categories¡£
Address£ºDali in yunnan province high-tech development zone of green food    Phone service000000-00-0-0-0-087aa0003108088
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